This is the IronPunk Timeline. The primary purpose of this section is to quickly make information available about the IronPunk development process. Information will be gleaned from here to create better organized, more tightly edited documents but the information will arrive here first, albeit in a loosely edited format. If you are looking for documents organized by topic rather than date, take a look at the Resources page.
  • Soldering Tips (what you need)

    Of all the skills I can teach about assembling the TouchDRO, soldering is probably where I am the weakest. So I’m going to start there. There’s a method to the madness. Sometimes when someone is new at a skill they are can actually do a better job teaching it because the learning is fresh in […]
  • What Makes IronPunk (videos) Different?

    I’ve been trolling the web looking for free resources for training manufacturing concepts. I’ve found a lot of really good stuff, more than I expected really. There are a number of “YouTube machinists” out there taking their time and energy to pass on their hard earned tips which is a really great thing and very […]
  • Web Development

    Somehow when I started this project I didn’t think I would be doing as much web development as I have been doing. It’s my nature, though. I am highly process oriented. If I have to do something multiple times I want to put in the work to make things go as efficiently as possible. It’s […]
  • IronPunk Projects

    These are the projects that will be completed for the first round of Ironpunk. Procedural Projects (those which do not make an object)- These will have a listing of online resources and a short demonstration video. Speeds – SFPM, RPM, how to calculate, resources for determining SFPM for different materials and tools, adjustment due to […]
  • Buying Components

    One of the first hurdles to getting the TouchDRO hooked up was buying all the connectors, terminals and wiring I needed. There aren’t many stores that sell these type of connectors, certainly nowhere in Eugene I assumed (more on that later). I started searching for good sites on the web and found the following along with many […]
  • Electric Beginning

    It’s a bit funny. I’ve welded professionally for 4 years; I’m pretty good at brazing and fabrication in general. I’ve also soldered and repaired various electrical things from appliances to automobiles. With that experience I entered into making the TouchDRO with a few assumptions. My various skills would make board level soldering easy (partially true) […]

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Sensei as a teacher or master, especially of Japanese martial arts. A more nuanced definition is: “One Who Has Gone Before”. I like that phrase as it disposes of the concept of mastery, a Sensei is someone who has traveled a path and attempts to lead others along that path. What does this […]